Skincare Tips

The Effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Today, we will be defining Traditional Chinese Medicine, reviewing some research on the efficacy of TCM practices, discussing when and who should consider TCM, and how to choose the best TCM practitioners and products.

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Eczema, Rosacea and Sensitive Skin – A 5-Step Guide For Aestheticians In Caring For High Risk Clients.

A week ago, a long-time patient of mine, Sandra, asked me if she should try dermaplaning to remove vellus hair on her cheek. Sandra is...

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How Does Skin Exfoliation Work?

Exfoliation is a ubiquitous beauty term these days, but the actual mechanics of exfoliation are sometimes misunderstood. In this article, we will define skin exfoliation, review the types of exfoliation, identify how to safely exfoliate, and how to incorporate exfoliation into your skincare regimen.

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A Simple Routine is Best for Skin Health

Skincare routines are no exception to this trend. Some beauty bloggers and other so-called “experts” push skincare regimens with ten plus steps per day! Complex skincare routine are expensive, time consuming, and difficult to follow. We believe when it comes to skin health and beauty, simplicity is best.

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Discover a Hot Beauty Secret That the Industry Does Not Want You to Know

There are many secrets such as formulation technology, exotic ingredients, and dubious marketing ploys. Today, we are going to share with you a little secret that will hopefully change your view about all skin care products going forward.

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Eastern Herbal Tradition Meets Western Medicine

Despite the differences between Western and Eastern medicine, the goals remain the same: to live long and healthy lives. Today, we will be reviewing each, identifying what makes them unique, and discussing how combining traditional knowledge with modern scientific research can yield incredible results.

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Argan Oil Benefits for Skin Health

Moroccans have traditionally extracted argan oil from the kernels of the argania spinosa tree for both culinary and skincare applications. This potent ingredient has been used both in traditional medicine and modern skin care regimens to produce highly effective and natural skincare products.

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Top Korean Skincare Trends of 2019

Korean beauty routines have garnered international attention in recent years for their effectiveness, novelty, and simplicity. Concepts including sheet masks and the ten (10) step skin care routine are all over social media for a reason — they work. 

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Gui Wang, LAc: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Eczema

People who suffer from eczema spend months and years trying to find some relief for their irritated skin, only to have it flare up again with no warning. While traditional Western medicine seems to be at a loss, many people are finding relief for their eczema symptoms through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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