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Our Story

For more than 20 years, my dad and I have shared a common love of medicine and healing. For my dad, those exchanges showed him the latest scientific breakthroughs and new ways of thinking about and treating  diseases. For me, those conversations revealed another world of options in promoting skin health from a natural and holistic standpoint.

In early 2012, I showed my dad a scientific publication that used Chinese herbs to successfully treat psoriatic patients who failed a number of conventional Western medical treatments. To my great surprise, my dad read the article and said “this is not a new treatment; we used those same herbs when I was practicing in China.”

What started for me as a curiosity to learn about the powerful healing properties of natural herbs quickly turned into an enjoyable collaboration with my dad. Together, we started a full scale research project. At first, we scoured worldwide medical and scientific literature to find suitable herbs with appropriate healing properties, and then we experimented with those herbs in the lab (rest assured, we did not conduct any tests on animals).

Finally, three years later, we created products formulated to soothe dry, itchy, cracked skin.

All along this journey of discovery, we received enormous amount of assistance from our friends and colleagues who provided scientific knowledge and technical expertise. In addition to opening their labs for us to conduct those valuable experiments, they provided advice, guidance, and encouragement. For all their unwavering support, we are very grateful for it. Thank you!

So this is our story, and these are our products to help people by improving their skin health. More importantly, we hope to be here to tell you the next chapter of our story. If you have something to share, please drop us a note and let us tell the story together!



Our Philosophy

We are healers at heart, and we strive to deliver effective, holistic, innovative, and compassionate care to our patients. The philosophy of Dr. Wang Herbal Skincare resonates from our core belief as physicians.

Our team is guided by these three principles:

The Three Principles of Dr. Wang Skincare: Engineer great products, harness traditional medicine, apply science to western medicine



The Founders: A Father-and-Son Team

Steven Q. Wang, M.D.

Steven Q. Wang, MD. Dr Wang Herbal SkincareDr. Steven Q. Wang is a board certified dermatologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He is the Director of Dermatologic Surgery and Dermatology, leading the Dermatologic Section in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Dr. Wang has extensive experience in treating skin conditions and received numerous accolades for outstanding performance and compassion as a dermatologist. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Wang has an active and successful clinical research program focused in photoprotection, antioxidants, nanotechnology and skin health. He has published more than 85 peer-reviewed scientific medical articles, book chapters and four books in dermatology. Dr. Wang also lectures extensively throughout the world, and serves as an expert scientific and medical consultant for a number of international cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. In recognition of his expertise, major media outlets such as the  New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Oprah Magazine, Dr. Oz and CNN have frequently quoted and featured Dr. Wang.

Published Books:

1. Orgocards: Organic Chemistry Review. 2005

2. Beating Melanoma: A Five Step Survival Guide. 2011

3. Nanotechnology in Dermatology. 2013

4. Principles and Practices of Photoprotection. 2016

Gui T. Wang, LAc

Gui T. Wang LacGui T. Wang, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist who has been practicing acupuncture and herbal treatments for more than 40 years. He serves as the Founder and Director of the New York City Acupuncture Center. Over the past four decades, he has treated tens of thousands of patients. In recognition of his compassion, clinical experience, deep understanding in acupuncture & herbal medicine, he has received the Best Acupuncturist Award. Aside from treating patients, he studies and formulates unique combinations of Chinese herbs to help his patients.

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