Skincare Tips

Meadowfoam Oil is the New Argan Oil

The popularity of Meadowfoam has grown rapidly in recent years, largely thanks to ongoing active research on the extent of its benefits. In fact, many experts predict that Meadowfoam oil will soon become as popular as jojoba oil and argan oil in the skincare market.

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Why Does my Skin Itch in the Sun?

Although side effects from intense sun exposure are commonly discussed, a less well-known fact is that your skin can become super itchy with or after sun exposure. In this post, we discuss why skin might become itchy in the sun, and some easy ways to deal with this uncomfortable feelings. 

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Top 4 Skin Benefits of Safflower Oil

To learn more about this potent ingredient, we will discuss where safflower oil comes from, some overall health benefits of safflower oil as a topical agent, the moisturizing effects of safflower oil, and how the ingredient can be used to create effective skincare products.

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Skin Beauty Depends on Skin Health

The skin is our primary protection against the sun, water, and everything else we run into in our daily lives. Yet many of us take its health for granted. We believe that healthy skin is not only important for holistic health, but it is also the best way to achieve youthful, beautiful skin.

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Skin & Health Benefits of Licorice Root

To understand the many uses of licorice root, we will explore the different types of licorice, what benefits licorice has for skin health, dietary benefits of licorice, and even how licorice root has the potential to be used for weight loss.

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Top 10 Anti-Aging Compounds for Younger Looking Skin

One of the hottest topics in the beauty community today is anti-aging products. Here are our picks for ten (10) powerful ingredients that will keep your skin looking and feeling young.

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8 Easy Summer Skin Safety Tips

There are several simple and easy ways to care for your skin during the hot summer months. Today, we will review some of these tips and discuss how you can implement them into your daily skincare routine.

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Ginseng Root Through the Ages

The history of ginseng cultivation is really a story of two cultures: North American and Siberian. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has sought out ginseng for thousands of years due to its many uses in the diet, as a medicine, and as a topical.

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Traditional Chinese Skincare Secrets

Today, we will be discussing how TCM uses a holistic view of health, some potent herbs and oils used in TCM skincare, examples of traditional Chinese skincare regimens, and how you can use ancient Chinese herbal knowledge to come up with a skincare regimen for beautiful, healthy skin.

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