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Why Most Anti-Aging Products Don't Work

By: Dr. Wang Skincare Education Team

Jun 03, 2019

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Anti-aging skincare products have long been the holy grail of the beauty industry. After all, there is no stopping father time — and with time comes the aging process. Unfortunately, the majority of anti-aging products on the market are either ineffective or limited in their efficacy. This ineffectiveness is primarily due to the ingredients used and the methods by which they are manufactured.

This is not to say that all anti-aging products are ineffective. The fact remains that a flooded market still contains high-quality anti-aging skincare products if you know where to look.


How do Anti-Aging Products Work?

To understand how anti-aging products work, we must first define what “anti-aging” means. The traditional watermark for anti-aging is to make skin look younger by reducing wrinkles, tightening loose skin, smoothing out discolorations, reducing erythema (redness of the skin) and achieving a more even texture. Needless to say, that is a lot of work for a single product.

Anti-aging products are generally effective at treating one or two of these issues, if any. A recent study concluded that an inexpensive moisturizer did better at making skin appear visibly younger than an eye cream which cost nearly 15 times the price. This goes to show that expensive does not equal effective when it comes to skincare.

Most anti-aging serums and creams are ineffective due to a lack of potent active ingredients which directly impact the ways in which skin shows its age. As we will discuss below — merely having active ingredients on the label does not make a strong anti-aging product. The concentration of active ingredients, source of active ingredients, and method of manufacture all play a key role.

For example, in our previous article, we discussed conventional manufacturing process uses heat which destroys all active ingredients. In contrast, our anti-aging Serum and OIl are made not using any heat, which preserve the actives, making these products more potent.


All Anti-Aging Skincare Routines are not Created Equal

Global sales of anti-aging products recently topped 50 billion dollars per year. The industry runs the gamut from juggernaut companies like L’Oreal and Unilever to small start-ups. These companies offer thousands, if not tens of thousands, of anti-aging products from which the public must choose. So how can you choose the best anti-aging skincare routine for you?

Choose a product you trust. Consider products which are well researched and backed by scientific study. There are many products which have been created or endorsed by dermatologists.

Choose a routine you will stick to. Many modern skincare routines are too time consuming and/or expensive to reasonably make work. Consider simple anti-aging products which use potent, natural ingredients. We believe a simple routine is best for skin health.

Don’t neglect overall health. Anti-aging products do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to reversing the visible signs of aging, yet the cause of visible wrinkles and sagging skin is rarely just superficial. Diet, exercise, sleep, and avoiding harmful activities like smoking and excessive alcohol use should be part of your anti-aging gameplan.

Protect your skin from damaging environments. Last but not least, applying anti-aging serums and creams is certainly helpful, but preventing skin damage in the first place is just as important. Make sure you take care of your skin by wearing sunscreen and avoiding situations where skin may become damaged.

Effective Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Effective Anti-Wrinkle Serum Relies on Potent Ingredients

As we discussed in the introduction, the primary reason why most anti-aging products don’t work is that they lack potent active ingredients. The reason may come down to cost, but it also comes down to a misunderstanding of what makes skincare serums effective.

Dr. Wang Herbal Skincare is proud to offer our nourishing youth serum after years of dedicated research into the most potent and cost effective ingredients. This unique product has been formulated by a renowned dermatologist and herbalist with hand picked, natural ingredients.

Unlike most anti-aging products on the market, our nourishing youth serum is manufactured without the use of heat. This allows the active ingredients to combine into a gentle serum without losing any of their efficacy. Heated manufacturing, a process used by nearly all skincare companies, destroys the chemical makeup of many active ingredients.

Patented MicroDroplets technology creates a serum which has been emulsified at the submicronic level, allowing the potent ingredients to absorb easily into the skin. We have gone through this extensive process to create a product which is affordable, effective, and easy to use.

Rather than sticking with the same ineffective anti-aging products, we invite you to try our seven (7) day better skin challenge. We are confident that using the serum twice per day will leave your skin soft, smooth, and rejuvenated in just one week!

Keep Skin Healthy and Youthful with Dr. Wang Herbal Skincare

Steven Wang, MD and Gui Wang, LAc have been working together for over 20 years to provide potent, herbal remedies for spas and individuals around the world. The father-son duo mixes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with cutting edge scientific advances with the aim of bringing relief, comfort and happiness to our customers. Our products are the result of decades of dedicated research.

We believe that utilizing both modern Western medicine and time-honored Eastern medicine allows us to provide unique skincare solutions. To learn more, read what experts from The New York Times, Allure, Reader’s Digest, and more have to say about our revolutionary products.




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