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3 Reasons to Start Using Facial Oils in the Fall & Winter

By: Dr. Wang Skincare Education Team

Sep 05, 2019

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3 Reasons to Start Using Facial Oils in the Fall & Winter

Even though it seems like facial oils are a new trend in skincare, they have actually been used for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians reportedly used oils in cosmetics as early as 4500 B.C.E. And the use of aromatic oils was first recorded in China between 2697-2597 B.C.E

There are many different facial oils that serve various purposes, but the general idea is that they work with the natural oils in your face to balance your skin. They can be applied either in the morning or evening. With the weather changing and starting to get a little cooler, now is a great time to think about implementing some face oils into your routine. Here are three reasons why you should start using facial oils this fall and winter!

They’re Hydrating 

It’s not a secret that cooler temperatures and heaters can suck the moisture out of your skin. Oils are a great remedy to this common cold-weather complaint! All oils are hydrophobic, which means that they will help keep any water from escaping your skin. And this is what will keep your skin looking nice and hydrated. “Hydration is really a function of water balance, so oils help hold water in and prevent the environment from stripping water out,” Tyler Hollmig, M.D., Director of Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology at Stanford Health Care, tells SELF. Apply a few drops of oil in the morning and at night after your moisturizer to help lock in moisture and keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

As you age, your skin produces less natural oil. This can make your skin appear dull and dehydrated. Facial oil can help to restore moisture in your skin and give it a beautiful, youthful glow! 

For individuals with drier skin types, meadowfoam oil moisturizes the skin and slows down transepidermal water loss in the skin. This helps to keep the skin supple and gives it a dewy appearance.

Meadowfoam oil is beneficial for halting the aging process worsened by excessive dryness and other intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Help Heal Inflammation

In the short term, inflammation can result in redness and swelling. But on a chronic level, it’s been connected to many serious health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and even depression. It’s definitely something you should try to avoid, which is why so many medical professionals recommend a diet that is rich in anti-antioxidants. You can also get anti-inflammatory benefits in your skincare routine from face oils. 

Oils have been shown to exhibit significant anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe irritated skin. Sea buckthorn oil, in particular, is great for inflammation. Research has shown that “administration of SBT(sea buckthorn) extract on the same day or 5 days prior to inflammatory insult into the joint, significantly reduced the inflammation as compared to the untreated animals in a dose-dependent manner. These observations suggest that the SBT leaf extract has a significant anti-inflammatory activity and has the potential for the treatment of arthritis.”


They Protect Your Skin

When you apply facial oils as the last step in your routine they do more than just seal in moisture. They also help to keep toxins and other bad stuff out! This is great for those who live in bigger cities and need extra protection against pollutants and smog which has been shown to be a factor in premature aging.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights hyperpigmentation and reverses damage caused by UV rays. Facial oils like marula oil contain up to four times more vitamin C than an orange! Argan oil is also high in vitamin E which helps to fight free radical damage caused by too much unprotected ultraviolet light. 


Using oils after applying your face serum and moisturizer can help lock in moisture and leave your skin looking healthy and radiant. Face oils also boast significant anti-inflammatory benefits. They also help to protect the skin from UV damage and other pollutants. 

Facial oils are incredible multitaskers and can fit easily into your skincare routine. They work as a cleanser, hydration booster, or treatment. You can also add it to your moisturizer if you don’t like applying them directly to your face.

Steven Wang, MD and Gui Wang, LAc have over 60 years of combined experience caring for patients. By combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern technology, this father-son duo has formulated a natural line of skincare products that are ideal for use in spas or at home.

We are healers at heart. All of our products are made with the goal to promote healthy skin, use the knowledge we have gained over years of dedicated practice, and to make an effective, natural product.

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